2019 Checkcharts now available to pre-order and in your chandlery soon.

Added value : Lymington River dinghy chart now included on the back of your Western Solent Checkchart, and Eastern Solent chart now included on the back of your Central Solent Checkchart.

Checkcharts with life-like buoy representation and detailed land features !

A Checkchart is a laminated racing chart and a must-have tool for all yacht racers. They are plastic laminated, so you can draw your course and scribble any info you like on your chart, then wipe it clean ready for the next race. Checkcharts are packed with useful information for racing, including:

  • Position of all racing marks in a given area, clearly represented by a life-like visual
  • Marks designates, names, sponsors and symbols, as applicable
  • Contour lines, landmarks, horizontal and vertical lines
  • Distance and course bearings between all the marks*
  • Tidal diamonds*

Note a Checkchart is not a navigation tool, it is designed to help you locate and identify the local buoys to help you get ahead of the fleet in any regatta.

*Some charts only